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Ask Roxy-Episode 14-Take Inventory Of Your Business

Take Inventory Of Your BusinessTake inventory of your business

Did you know there are 7 crucial steps that you need to become good at doing in your business.  One of the main things I start out with is to write out everything that you do in a single day…then do this for the week.  This should be enough time to so you get the picture of what you work on contributes to your business.

Until you have a clear picture of the types of tasks you do on a regular basis, you’re going to be stuck at square one, wondering where to start in order to make your business run most efficiently.


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Here are 7 crucial steps that you need to include when taking inventory of your business that I learned from Eric Worre.


Episode 14 – Take inventory of your business


  1. Finding Prospects – Where are they. Where do you find them?  Where do you look. Are they related to your niche. These are thing you want to think about.
  2. Inviting – Getting people to take a look at your opportunity. How good are you at inviting them? Are you socializing with them and finding out what their needs are so you know how to help them. You can’t just throw out your opportunity at them because they will have no desire to look at it.
  3. Presenting – Do you have a way at presenting your products and how to present them? Are you getting results and able to duplicate it.  Duplication is the key as they should be thinking geez this is easy, I can do this.  Or if you complete it, then they will be thinking….I don’t want to have to do this kind of stuff…noway!
  4. Follow up – How are you at following up with people. Are you staying in touch with them. Where are you at with them. It takes 5-7 times of having contact with them before they join or purchase from you. Most people forget to do this, when this is the most important step after finally getting them to watch your presentation.  Don’t throw your opportunity away here by not following up with your prospects.
  5. Closing – How good are you at the end of exposing your opportunity to actually signing them up. What results are you having?
  6. Getting a new person started right – How do you help them. Is it the same process for everyone? What are you doing for them to get them started on the right track. Are you giving them a run through the system they just joined. I suggest doing a hangout with each new person who signs up with you to get to know them better and help them understand the system. Where to tune into the webinars and training’s to keep them moving forward.  Once they make their first sale is when you know they will be hooked and have the drive to keep taking action.
  7. Attend events – Get your team to attend these. Posers announce. Amateours invite. Professionals get them there.  If they don’t attend these, then they pretty much will quit on you.  These events are life changing and a game changer when it comes to their business. Get your team to these and you pretty much guarantee they won’t quit.

You need to become good at doing all seven.

What is holding you back and what must happen to have your break through.

Make a list of what can help you have your break through.

You have potential in you that you’re not reaching for. Unlock your limitless potential by opening your eyes to your own life.  Until you do, you stay in your tiny box that you were never meant to live in.

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Don’t wait….Let’s get you going today to Take Inventory Of Your Business.


Take Inventory Of Your Business



Roxann Roeder

(320) 493-4903

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