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Ask Roxy-Episode 17-Why You Should Be Using Periscope For Your Business

Why You Should Be Using Periscope For Your BusinessAsk Roxy-Episode 17-Why You Should Be Using Periscope For Your Business

Is your business looking for a way to interact with your customers? I will share with you Why You Should Be Using Periscope For Your Business.

Periscope is a live-streaming video mobile app that Twitter launched in March 2015 and it’s been growing like crazy ever since.

You can use it from any location, any time of the day or night. Viewers can tune into your broadcast from anywhere in the world. It is currently the fastest, lowest cost and easiest way to get in front of a live audience. (Except for Facebook Live which Facebook just launched)


If you have a large Twitter following already and you like doing video, Periscope might make total sense for your Business and your Brand.  Even if you don’t have a large Twitter following, it can be a great way to expand your Twitter followers.


Eleven  Reasons Why You Should Be Using Periscope For Your Business

  1. Live Streaming – I believe that live streaming is the next evolution in how we connect, engage and eventually buy. This is going to change the way that we get information and interact with brands and businesses as well as our followers. I also think it’s going to be a major shift in how we can market our products and services.
  2. New Followers  – There is a whole new set of business owners, marketers, bloggers, that may never find you if not for my being on Periscope. Building relationships with new followers and by asking your Periscope followers to connect with you on your other social media sites will grow your followers everywhere. This is a great way to grow your business and have more activity throughout all your social media sights. Another way is to also follow your clients, followers and people who may be interested in your services. Then follow the people who follow you.
  3. Commenting On Other Live Periscopes – Any comments you make on other users streams will be displayed to whoever is watching, which is a great way to grab some more followers because of the insightful, helpful ideas you provided in your comments. Grab attention by asking great questions and even providing more answers to a discussion going on.
  4. Product Demonstration – Launching a new product? What better way to build anticipation than promoting it live through Periscope and offering a special if you buy during your periscope launch or within 24 hours. By using scarcity that they will lose a bonus or special price if they don’t purchase now will give your sales a huge boost.
  5. Connecting with a real person – Where can you pick up your phone, click a button and immediately be in front of a live, captivated audience that sees who you are, is interested in what you have to share and, if its members know and like you, will ultimately trust you enough to buy what you are selling?They are seeing and connecting with a real person, not just the brand behind a Facebook page, Twitter account or Instagram platform. This personal connection builds the “know, like and trust” factor at a super-accelerated rate. And guess what? People buy from those they know, like and trust. The face of a real human interactive live via video could be powerful for your business.
  6. Unsaturated Market – Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Periscope is still growing, and at a rapid rate. Businesses that have already recognized the potential inherent in interacting with their followers live are ahead of the game. Tapping into this unsaturated market can be a huge opportunity for many business owners to offer nuggets of value to their Periscope users which will attract more and more.
  7. Live Engagement – We are a generation of people who want things now so…nothing compares to customers being able to ask questions live on a Periscope broadcast and get an immediate response, or being able to answer questions your viewers just asked in real time. It is a great way to set a weekly Q&A schedule of when you will answer questions that came up since last week and do this weekly. Your clients will want to join you for these weekly Q&A sessions. 
  8. Watchers can also re-stream to their followers – Followers can invite their followers on your live stream. Which means any stream has viral potential because of the mass amount of followers your followers may have.  Re-purposing your Periscopes –  Your Periscopes are live for 24 hours and that is why I recommend to do another one right around that same time every day. The full archive of your scopes could have lasting value so I recommend adding a tool called so you can build a library of your Periscopes and even embed the scopes so you can re-purpose your content in other ways. Ways to use your Periscopes would be to upload them to as they would transcribe them into transcriptions and then go use that for a blog post. Mention that your blog is from your live Periscopes and ask them to follow you on Periscope too. 
  9. Capture Live Events – You could be sharing a speaker that is live at an event. This does a couple of things. It shows you are at the live event and also you are sharing a golden nugget of information for them to learn from.
  10. Live Tutorial – You would be able to show your followers how to do something. This is huge because most people like to watch how to do something instead of listening how to do something. It is easier to follow step by step examples and therefore; live tutorials are awesome things to do in your business.
  11. Behind the Scenes – You are able to show how your product is made or what your office looks like. Showing others the behind the scenes kind of live tour can be huge to have others view your actual product live on how it works, how it operates and how you use it.


The live element of Periscope makes the whole experience more visceral than pre-recorded video content. More captivating. More real. It breaks down the barriers between company and consumer. Periscope’s tagline encourages its users to “See the world through someone else’s eyes.”


Here is a Free Periscope Training and a 23 Page Step by Step Guide to help you on how to set it up and use it efficiently.



You can connect with me on Periscope at Roxy Roeder.  I honestly have not started using it yet… but I will be as soon as I finish my other 3 huge projects I am currently working on….it will be soon.  Send me a request now so you won’t miss out on when I start.   

Please like, comment and share my blog if you got value from it.  Thank you!











Roxann Roeder

(320) 493-4903

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