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Ask Roxy-Episode 19-Your Success Is In The Relationships You Build

Ask Roxy-Episode 19-Your Success Is In The Relationships You BuildYour Success Is In The Relationships You Build 

Most would tell you that the key to success is in the relationships that you build and keeping those clients/leads/followers as customers for future purchases. One real relationship is worth more than thousands of followers.  Once you have proven your worth to someone and you continue to do so….you will never lose that relationship.  Those are the most important ones that you want to continue to enrich their lives.Your success is in the relationships you build … It’s where the opportunities come from.


Here are some ways to build your relationships:


  • When you build that relationship with someone is when you create a level of trust that sets you apart from hordes of others. True relationships are build with honesty and integrity…something you never want to change
  • It is very important to make connections with other marketers and people and see how you would be able to help them. Seek to give more than you receive.
  • Talk to them and treat them like you would a best friend. You need to build those relationships and then continually nurture them as this is vital to your success.
  • Get to know each one of them and find out what their passions are. What you might have in common and build on that.  Listen to what they have to say more than anything.  You learn a lot more by listening to them than… so be a good listener and don’t dominate the c onversation.
  • Find out where and what they are struggling with in their marketing. Then provide the solution to help them by giving them a free training, direct them to your website to learn more about you, or an invite to a webinar that they can learn from and even the possibility of a system you are in if that would help them but never just pitch your business to them.
  • You want to establish a lifetime friendship with them as you never know when you could help each other out. They may know someone that would benefit from what you are offering and they would refer them to you.
  • Remember it is never about you, it is always about them. Listen to what they have to say.
  • Be genuine, sincere, open and sensitive to people’s boundaries. Just be yourself.
  • Be respectful of people’s time because that is one precious commodity that nobody has enough of.
  • Never BS (Bull shit) anyone. Always be honest and truthful about what you say.
  • Building relationships may not pay off right away but in the long run, they will be there for you and your business.  Nurture those relationships as you would your best friendship.
  • The key to creating great business relationships is enjoying the process.



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I look forward to building a relationship with you!

Ask Roxy-Episode 19-Your Success Is In The Relationships You Build







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