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Ask Roxy-Episode 21-How To Use Facebook For Your Business

Ask Roxy-Episode 21-How To Use Facebook For Your Business Ask Roxy-Episode 21-How To Use Facebook For Your Business

Everyday there are people joining Facebook as their personal page and for their business.  It is important to know the right ways to do things for your Business and I am going to share with you Hot To Use Facebook For Your Business. I also share a Facebook training at the end of my blog post that will help you and it is FREE.

I have more Facebook training’s so be sure to connect with me later and I will also share them with you.


Here are a list of ways on How To Use Facebook for your Business


  • Facebook profile-Primarily used for connecting with friends & family and posting content that they would enjoy. You usually do not want to use this for your business although you can post stuff periodically on it.
  • Facebook fan page-Primarily used for business purposes. This is the only way you can do ads is through your fan page. If you are marketing online you for sure want to have a Facebook fan page. You can link your Youtube account, your Instagram and Twitter accounts and you blog posts to your Facebook fan page.
  • Facebook is for socializing. People don’t come on FB to look at ads or buy stuff. People love images and fun stuff. 
  • I suggest connecting with 10 new people each day through messages and even through new friend requests. This is another great way to grow your business.
  • Posting links to your page rarely works! Unless it is giving them something free that they can learn from. 
  • There is a difference between pitching and providing value. You should never continuously pitch your opportunity on your page.  That will turn people off from never coming back to your page faster than anything. They come there to learn and be inspired or motivated.
  • Your goal is to provide overwhelming value to your audience so that they keep coming back to check out what you have and what you are doing. 
  • Your main goal should be focused on building your audience. Your audience is the life line of your business.
  • The best way to do that is by doing a likes ad and targeting an audience that would best serve the niche that you are in. You can play around with your likes ads and see which ones are converting the best with who you are targeting.  I suggest keeping those running continuously.  If you are just starting out, then try $5.00 a day.
  • Providing value to your audience daily by posting:
  1. -Inspiration/Motivational Videos or Images
  2. Marketing tips on a variety of topics.
  3. Mindset posts. Something from a book that you read is one idea.
  4. Share things on other people’s success and their stories
  5. Positive or Motivational quotes. People love this stuff.
  6. Your story and what you have gone through and relate that to what you post too.
  7. Make sure you do not post anything negative.



To help you with Facebook here is a FREE Facebook Training Plus get a 77 page pdf Cheat Sheet:

Ask Roxy-Episode 21-How To Use Facebook For Your Business






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